Brio Skills provides original training programs to advance the career path of professionals and first-generation college students.  To organize, create, implement, and evaluate the training, qualified professionals participate in the Development & Engagement of each training!  Our professional services work collaboratively with your team! Let's engage the first-generation of professional employees!




The Multicultural Families & Student Health (MF&SH) Program focuses on health & wellness. It addresses the needs of multicultural adult learners and first-generation college students affected by chronic diseases, nutrition, food insecurity, wellness, behavioral health, health promotion, and disease prevention. The MF&SH program takes into consideration not only the culture but also the socio-economic aspects. 


STEM refers to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The Brio Skills program for minorities in STEAM & Research aims to support the path of future high-tech students.  The program seeks to develop the skills of talented women and minorities interested in pursuing careers in STEM & Research. Exploring data from the most basic stage. Space is limited! 


The Brio Skills Customized Family Series brings highly competitive sessions. The session's agenda includes the participation of subject-matter experts in tandem with the participation of Directors of academic institutions.

The activation and facilitation of each topic are done face-to-face by qualified trainers.

The program runs through the academic year! 


Summer sessions are intense and fun! Are design for parents, mothers, and guardians of diverse backgrounds to socialize while learning and sharing similar challenges.  During the Brio Skills summer sessions, one topic or one subject is selected to learn. For example "Spanish", "ESL", or "Time Management", etc. This is face-to-face summer programs, be ready to interact! 

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If you are a graduate student, a professional, or a leader at a corporation we like to invite you to join our Advanced Business Network. We will provide you with an opportunity to meet new clients, expand your target audience, connect with new professionals in your field by sharing your expertise through our Parent Engagement Initiative.  Our Parent Engagement Initiative aims to boost student success in higher education.

Educational Equity Programs

Every day our deep passion for creating opportunities brings equity inside the classroom experience and inclusion strategies from first-hand participation while teaching in low-income communities. Brio Skills' learning contributors, teams, and partners support a diverse set of leaders to engage them in education.  Brio Skills currently is implementing programs in various neighborhoods of Chicago!



We work in Chicago and the suburbs of Illinois. Throughout the academic year, you can find us in: McKinley Park

Rogers Park

Little Village


River Forest


Brío Skills is here to answer any questions you might have.  We are eager to hear from you!

Si deseas información sobre nuestros servicios o si deseas establecer contacto con Brío Skills, escríbenos.  

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