Family Business 

Learn how to overcome the toughest objections and collaborate as a family with vendors to arrange the best possible deals.  Every family member has a different potential that can contribute to maximizing sales by executing a great sales strategy. In a family business, your team is also each member of your family!

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Negocio de Familia

Family Business IDEA!

Learn about the Brio Skills curriculum based on the needs of multicultural families managing, innovating, and winning successful business. 



Plan each opportunity!



What do you sell?



Maximize the value that you provide to clients and customers.

Leading a Family Business

Leading a family business can be challenging in particular when planning for the transition and skills of the new generation of family leaders.  A small family business has different goals than a large family business. Also, a family business can also be affected by how many members of the family actively participate in the business. The Brio Skills serve as a tool to reflect and to think about the best business practice that can be applied for the success and profitability of a family business while building stronger relations with every member of the family.


The Brio SKills Adult Education Program focuses on families who run a small business.  The families joining the program are from different socio-economic backgrounds. Families join the program to learn together with other families about topics that support both their every day working dynamics and their family relations.