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All of our services are available in English or Spanish!

At BRIO SKILLS, our ability to design training programs around products or services, engage adult learners, and create content for learning initiatives is unique.


We work with you to find solutions and develop strategies that improve the learning process of adult learners. The services focus mainly on two areas:

  1. The participatory self-paced learning process for adult learners.

  2. The bilingual content development for employees, staff, and customers.

BRIO SKILLS focuses on integrating language and develop bilingual content for adult learners in English and Spanish.

Discover a Social Learning Experience!

Programs & Sessions

Brio Skills designs a learning experience.  If you see yourself as a fast learner or a strategic thinker learner, we have something for you!

Hispanic Engagement

We are serving public and private academic institutions providing education to Hispanic and Latino students, Women, and Minority Groups.

Content Development

Listening is one of our strongest assets to develop the best content. At Brio Skills we thrive on creativity and fun ideas to provide content strategy.



The process of Training Design we break it down for  you in a simple, logical, and strategic way to accomplish educational and institutional goals.

Geometric Curved Podium

Brío Skills service pipeline for new programs during the academic year 2022 - 2023 aims to benefit adult learners and parents. We are committed to addressing unmet needs across a number of subjects including health, wellness, saving, steam, and research curricula.

Pipeline Snapshot as of September 2022


  • Developing programs focusing on bullying prevention

  • Continuing education for BICULTURAL PARENTS of assimilated adolescents

Yoga at Home

Brío Skills is proud of its trajectory of successfully partnering with external organizations that share our purpose to deliver excellence in adult education. The hard work with external organizations helps crating, budgeting, and deliver curricula that change positively the lives of adult learners.

Brío Skills engage in partnerships with educational organizations and organizations to push forward continuing education for adult learners.

Please choose from an area below and learn more.

RECENT Clients 

Brío Skills works with you through a transparent and flexible cooperative process.

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