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Brio Skills

Brío Skills is unique. Built on the idea that in today's multicultural world, it is important to identify and address the needs of a diverse community. The learning, educational, and professional development need are the main focus of what we do every day. We work with you to create training around products and services. We collaborate with you to generate a fun learning experience. We design extra-curricular activities, digital content, courses, curriculum, and programming to engage your employees, clients, and adult learners. The pieces of training can be customized to meet your needs. This custom-made training can help introduce employees and parents of first-generation adult college students to a new student's academic life, in a unique way! 


Together we can provide clear and useful information for adult learners. We team up with local businesses, organizations, and academic institutions. Our work has been successful among employees and parents of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), Public Charter Schools, Universities, and Corporations. 


Brío Skills, Inc. is an independent start-up that works with various customers. These customers can be corporations that encourage leadership development activities, or, educational institutions that enhance parent initiatives and continuing education by focusing on student academic success.


The type of training and delivery approaches go hand in hand with your needs.  For businesses placing a premium on diversity and inclusion, Brío Skills, Inc. provides a Diverse Workplace Experience.  Taking into consideration the level of knowledge of your diverse team, the training achieves excellence. The diverse workplace experience covers two main areas: Employee Wellness and Retention Skills.  The Brío Skills learning activities have sections for Non-Spanish Speaking employees and bilingual staff. Allowing you, as a customer, to choose between virtual learning, 'in-house', or 'onsite learning. Your level of expertise is the starting point of each tailored training!


We believe that every step forward is positive to sustain a valuable competitive lifestyle advantage. You can find excellence in every topic we facilitate and in every workshop featured by Brio Skills!


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Onsite & Virtual  Programs




Brío Skills, Inc. provides excellence through the Multicultural Parents & College Health, (MP&CH) program for adult learners.


The purpose of MP&CH is to educate parents as the educational pillar to shorten the gap of the diverse workforce in the medical field.

The MP&CH supports college students' academic performance, wellness, and relationships with parents. With our unique model, parents can be part of a classroom for a year to learn tips and concepts from other parents while socializing and relaxing.  


The MP&CH is available for the full academic year in Spanish, with an option to select among seminar topics with your peers!




Brío Skills, Inc. has a Leadership & Holistic Case Management program for care givers and healthcare providers that focuses on Communication to promote quality cost-effective outcomes. The program has a curriculum designed by Brio Skills, which provides many options. For example, it can be customized to empower under-resourced communities such as Hispanic families. The purpose is to meet an individual's health needs.


Brío Skills provides adult learners with the experience of building STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) leadership skills, ​t
hrough the new Customized Family Series (CFS).
The purpose of these two programs is to include the scientific community, teachers, and corporate managers in the middle of their careers to work collaboratively, focusing on interacting productively with younger students and their families.  

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Working With You​

Brío Skills works with you through a transparent and flexible cooperative process. With a positive approach to overcoming challenges and get results.  Your success is also our success.  We focus on motivating you and your team to reach the next level.  Our program and coaching sessions are designed to exchange ideas to identify viable solutions, mixing healthy eating tips, health education, self-esteem, language techniques, financial aid, and labor market trends.  Please notice that our working model and MF&SH program is not meant for diagnosis or prescription.


Every day, we are devoting our expertise to our clients, reaching success and cultivating strong lasting relationships. Our current clients include Charter Schools serving sixth through twelfth grades, a Public Research University and College of Medicine to name a few. We look forward to implementing Brío Skills programs with current and new academic institutions, serving parents and boosting student success.


We believe that everyone who loves health and wellness can benefit from our workshops!  

¡Creemos que todos los que aman la salud y el bienestar pueden beneficiarse de nuestros entrenamientos!


Please ask us about the sessions that we provide for academic institutions and corporations.

Por favor, pregúntenos acerca de las sesiones que ofrecemos para instituciones académicas y corporaciones.


Educating Adult Learners

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