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For Professional Audiences, First-Generation Faculty, and First-Generation Families & Students, we can create a culture of excellence focused on relaxed team-learning approaches to improve team performance. We carefully listen to your needs to design, customize, and update from scratch an original training.

We can work with you on one "project" or multiple projects!


We provide expert advice to a specific group of audience, parents, and employees.

We listen to you! We can train you on how to do your own training or we can implement the Brío Skills program.

The Brio Skills program is designed to support academic success by engaging, interacting, and coaching adult learners! At Brío Skills, we are creative leaders and collaborators. We work together to deliver unique outcomes.


We have participated locally supporting various events and local fairs while implementing the Brio Skills program!

McKinley Park High School

DuPage High School District

Latin America Health Week in Chicago

Our Programs are implemented from TUESDAY to SATURDAY throughout the year!!

On average our classes range is 12 to 24

adult learners


Brío Skills is here to answer any questions you might have.  We are eager to hear from you!

Si deseas información sobre nuestros servicios o si deseas establecer contacto con Brío Skills, escríbenos.  

Brio Skills, Inc. PO BOX 180243 Chicago, IL 60618​

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